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Table 4 Cross comparison of predictive power of the very low birth weight (VLBW) and very low gestational age (VLGA) based prediction models for application to the total extreme subsets of the VLGA and VLBW verification cohorts

From: Comparing very low birth weight versus very low gestation cohort methods for outcome analysis of high risk preterm infants

Extreme subsets BW <1500
& GA ≥32 wk
GA <32
& BW ≥1500
  n = 893 n = 2527
Model for mortality based on VLBW cohort 0.605 0.623
Model for mortality based on VLGA cohort 0.504 0.618
Model for CAO based on VLBW cohort 0.649 0.608‡
Model for CAO based on VLGA cohort 0.618 0.622‡
  1. Notes: †: p < 0.01,‡: p < 0.05; Two figures are significantly different if they share the same symbol. Chi-square test was used for the comparison in predictive power of the two models