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Table 1 Reasons for no-intent to receive human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV) series among unvaccinated female adolescents aged 13–17 years, National Immunization Survey - Teen, 2008-2012

From: Factors associated with parental reasons for “no-intent” to vaccinate female adolescents with human papillomavirus vaccine: National Immunization Survey - Teen 2008–2012

Domain Reason # Main reason teen will not receive HPV shots in the next 12 months
Safety and Effectiveness Concerns HPVI_REAS_11 Safety Concern/Side Effects
HPVI_REAS_12 Effectiveness Concern
HPVI_REAS_21 More info/New Vaccine
Systemic Barriers HPVI_REAS_1 Not Recommended
HPVI_REAS_10 Costs
HPVI_REAS_23 Not Available
HPVI_REAS_24 Not a School Requirement
HPVI_REAS_28 No Doctor or Doctor’s Visit Not Scheduled
Vaccine Misinformation HPVI_REAS_2 Not Needed or Not Necessary
HPVI_REAS_5 Not Sexually Active
HPVI_REAS_6 Not Appropriate Age
HPVI_REAS_25 Increased Sexually Activity Concern
Lack of Knowledge about the Vaccine HPVI_REAS_3 Lack of Knowledge
Socio-cultural reasons HPVI_REAS_16 Don’t Believe in Immunizations
HPVI_REAS_17 Family/Parental Decision
HPVI_REAS_19 Religion/Orthodox