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Table 1 Items included in the emotional problems scale

From: Emotional and behavioral problems in late preterm and early term births: outcomes at child age 36 months

Item Original scale
Gets too upset when separated from parents CBCL
Clings to adults or too dependent CBCL
Disturbed by any change in routine CBCL
Sudden changes in mood or feelings CBCL
Too fearful or anxious CBCL
Is very anxious about getting dirty ITSEA
Wants things to be clean and tidy ITSEA
Places toys or other objects in a certain order/sequence over and over again ITSEA
Wakes up in the night and needs help to get back to sleep ITSEA
Gets distressed when you go out and he/she is going to be looked after by family or a babysitter he/she knows ITSEA
Seems to have less fun than other children ITSEA
Seems to be unhappy, sad, or depressed ITSEA