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Table 2 Emergent themes and subthemes from the semi-structured interviews

From: Perceived barriers and facilitators to participation in physical activity for children with disability: a qualitative study

Barriers Facilitators
Theme 1 There are similarities and differences between children with disability and children with typical development
 Longer to develop skills Positive encouragement from others
 Lack of physical skill One-on-one instruction
 Frustration or loss of confidence when child compares self to peers Children that are motivated to keep fit
Happy-go-lucky, confident child
 It’s harder as children get older Naturally active child
 Need extra support to participate  
 Extra costs associated with raising a child with disability  
Theme 2 People make the difference
 Parents lack knowledge or means Proactive parents
 Lack of practical instructor training Skilled instructors
 Negative societal attitudes towards disability Peer acceptance
Understand disability
 Disability a low priority Inclusive policies & programs
 Parents doubt child’s safety or ability Family involvement
 Parental exhaustion  
Theme 3 One size does not fit all…it’s about choice
 Children and parents are not asked about how they can participate Inclusive pathways
Fun & sense of success
 Lack of transport Transport
 Distance Local activities
 Lack of activities Meaningful, appropriate activities
 One-off programs Opportunities at school
 Waiting lists  
 No quorum  
Theme 4 Communication and connections between stakeholders
 Poor advertising of programs Word of mouth between parents
 Difficulty for program providers finding families Special schools provide information on activity
 Limited partnerships between sectors Partnerships between schools, activity providers, disability groups and councils