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Table 2 Population, intervention, comparator, outcome, time allowed for outcomes, time of search of the literature, study designs allowed (PICOTTS)

From: Interactive media for parental education on managing children chronic condition: a systematic review of the literature

Population Parents of children with chronic illnesses (includes asthma, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cardiac abnormalities, and or cystic fibrosis)
Intervention Serious/educational game; interactive media
Comparator Parent’s knowledge about their child’s condition at baseline or in control group
Outcomes Markers of improved management of the child’s disease; parental knowledge; disease severity; health outcomes
Time allowed for interventions effect Up to 1 year of time allowed between intervention and post-test if applicable
Time into the past for the search 1986 was the furthest back in the literature for the search
Study designs allowed Cohort studies; RCTs; observational studies