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Table 1 Summary of the criteria GMFCS and LSS

From: Association between gross motor function and postural control in sitting in children with Cerebral Palsy: a correlational study in Spain

Level I Level I
Walks without restrictions, limitations in more advanced gross motor skills Unplaceable
Level II Level II
Walks without restrictions, limitations walking outdoors and in the community Supported from head downward
Level III Level III
Walks with assistive mobility devices, limitations walking outdoors and in community Supported from shoulders or trunk downward
Level IV Level IV
Self mobility with limitations, children are transported or use power mobility outdoors and in the community Supported at pelvis
Level V Level V
Self mobility is severely limited, even with use of assistive technology Maintains position, does not move
  Level VI
Shifts trunk forward, re-erects
  Level VII
Shifts trunk laterally, re-erects
  Level VIII
Shifts trunk backward, re-erects