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Table 2 Gross Motor Function Classification System- Extended and Revised (GMFCS-E&R) in the age band between 6th and 12th birthday, presented in Spanish and in English

From: Introduction of the gross motor function classification system in Venezuela - a model for knowledge dissemination

GMFCS-E&R Generalidades De Cada Nivel (Spanish)
Nivel I - Camina sin restricciones
Nivel II - Camina con limitaciones
Nivel III - Camina utilizando un dispositivo manual auxiliar de la marcha
Nivel IV - Auto-movilidad limitada, es posible que utilice movilidad motorizada
Nivel V - Transportado en silla de ruedas
GMFCS-E&R General Headings For Each Level (English)
Level I - Walks without Limitations;
Level II - Walks with Limitations
Level III - Walks Using a Hand-Held Mobility Device
Level IV - Self-Mobility with Limitations, May Use Powered Mobility
Level V - Transported in a Manual Wheelchair