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Table 4 Studies in Progress

From: Systematic review of interventions for children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Principal Investigator Title Study Type Sample Size
Thomas Lock[37] Assess the Effectiveness of Atomoxetine in Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and ADD/ADHD (2006 ongoing) RCT 60
Thomas Lock[37] Open-Label Study of the long Tern Tolerability and Safety of Atomoxetine in Children with FASD and ADD/ADHD (2006 ongoing) Open label, uncontrolled 60
Ira Chasnoff[37, 38] Neurocognitive Habilitation for Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (2002 ongoing) RCT 100
John Mulvihill[37, 38] Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/ARND Research Consortium: Parent Child Interaction Therapy (2001 to 2005) RCT 100
Colleen Adnams[15] Language and Literacy therapy, Cognitive Control Therapy and Parent Group Intervention RCT 100
Susan Astley [3739] Intervening with Children/Adolescents with FAS/ARND: Positive Behaviour Support (2001 to 2005) RCT 52
Susan Astley[38, 39] School-based social communication intervention provided directly to children with FAS/ARND RCT NA
  1. NA, not available