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Table 1 Clinical outcome measures

From: Design of a randomised controlled trial on immune effects of acidic and neutral oligosaccharides in the nutrition of preterm infants: carrot study

Infectious morbidity  
Serious infections Primary outcome
Number of infectious episodes  
Cultured micro-organisms  
Feeding tolerance  
Enteral feeding >120 mL/kg/day  
Age at finishing parenteral nutrition  
Necrotising enterocolitis Bell et al.[35]
Short-term outcome  
Weight z scores at birth, day 30 and at discharge Usher et al. [24]
Patent ductus arteriosus  
Ventilatory support  
Use of oxygen at postmenstrual age of 36 weeks Jobe et al. [36]
Intraventricular hemorrhage Papile et al. [37]
Retinopathy of prematurity Committee for ROP. [38]
Age at discharge from NICU and age at discharge home  
  1. ROP = retinopathy of prematurity; NICU = neonatal intensive care unite.