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Table 1 Clinical features and outcomes in HSES patients

From: Hemorrhagic shock and encephalopathy syndrome – the markers for an early HSES diagnosis

Case No. Age M/F BT°C History First Sx Neurological status* Etiology Outcome
1 9.0 M 41.2 Epilepsy Pyrexia Seizure Unknown Died
2 1.4 M 39.4 Healthy Pyrexia Comatose Influenza v MS
3 6.4 F 40.0 Epilepsy Pyrexia Seizure Unknown Died
4 1.5 F 40.9 Healthy Diarrhea Comatose Unknown SS
5 1.1 M 39.9 Healthy Vomiting Comatose Norovirus Died
6 1.8 F 40.0 Healthy Vomiting Comatose Rotavirus Died
7 0.6 M 42.0 Healthy Vomiting Comatose Adv type 3 Died
8 0.4 F 39.7 LBW Pyrexia Seizure Unknown SS
  1. Yr, year; mo, month; M, male; F, female; BT, body temperature*; LBW, low birth weight; Sx, symptom; MS; Moderate sequelae; SS, Severe sequelae; v, virus; Adv, adenovirus *Upon admission