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Table 5 Isometric muscle strength testing: protocol for child positioning, joint fixation, joint positioning and dynamometer resistance

From: Lower limb strength training in children with cerebral palsy – a randomized controlled trial protocol for functional strength training based on progressive resistance exercise principles

Muscle group Child position Joint fixation Joint starting position Position of dynamometer resistance
Knee extensors Sitting Pelvis and thigh Knee flexed 90° Anterior tibia, 5 cm proximal to malleoli
Knee flexors Sitting Pelvis and thigh Knee flexed 90° Posterior calf, 5 cm proximal to malleoli
Hip flexors Sitting Pelvis Hip flexed off surface Anterior thigh, 3 cm proximal to patella
Hip abductors Supine Pelvis Hip slightly flexed off surface using a knee roll Lateral thigh, 5 cm proximal to the knee joint
Ankle plantarflexors Supine Pelvis and lower leg Hip flexed 90°, lower leg stabilized on a bench, ankle in neutral position. Plantar surface of foot, across metatarsal heads
  1. Abbreviation: cm = centimeter