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Archived Comments for: Acyclovir for treating varicella in otherwise healthy children and adolescents: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

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  1. little mistake

    Salvo Fedele, Cemtro per la salute del bambino, Palermo

    23 February 2003

    Dear Doctors

    In your article “Acyclovir for treating varicella …” BMC pediatrics 2002 2:9

    In the figure 5, “Complications”, the study - Balfour 1990 has 62 participants and the study - Balfour 1992 has 102 participants.

    In the table 1 of your SR is Balfour 1990 that has 102 participants and Balfour 1992 has 62 participants.

    Thanks for your good work

    Best wishes

    Salvo Fedele

    Via Galileo Galilei 99

    90145 Palermo


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