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Table 3 Demographic variables collected during the DoMINO trial

From: DoMINO: Donor milk for improved neurodevelopmental outcomes

Infant characteristics Prenatal and parental characteristics
Gestational age at birth+ Gravity/Parity*
Birth weight, length and head circumference+ Artificial reproductive technology (type and origin of eggs, sperm)+
Size for gestational age (small [SGA], appropriate [AGA] or large for [LGA] gestational age)+ Antibiotic use prior to delivery (prior 2 weeks)+
Sex+ Use of Prenatal Steroids+
Multiple birth status+ Cesarean delivery*
5-minute Apgar score+ Mom has previously breastfed (yes/no)*
Newborn Illness severity score (SNAP-II+) Mom intends to breastfeed (yes/no)*
  Parental education (highest degree or diploma attained)*
  Parental weight and height (self-reported)*
  Parental age*
  Number of children in current household*
  Smoking (maternal history during pregnancy)*
  First language spoken in the home*
  Socioeconomic status (single parenting; above or below poverty line)*
  1. Baseline demographic variables collected by means of parental interviews* or from medical records +.