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Table 1 Definitions for quality of care indicators

From: Hospital outcomes for paediatric pneumonia and diarrhoea patients admitted in a tertiary hospital on weekdays versus weekends: a retrospective study

  Pneumonia Dehydration
Correctness of treatment a) Antibiotic choice consistent with guidelines – Benzyl penicillin monotherapy for severe pneumonia in HIV negative and Benzyl penicillin and Gentamicin for very severe pneumonia and severe pneumonia in HIV positive children a) Fluid choice consistent with guidelines – Hartman’s solution.
  b) Antibiotic dosing consistent with guidelines – 50 000 IU per kg four times a day for Benzyl penicillin and 7.5 mg twice daily for Gentamicin while allowing a 20% margin of error in the correctness of the dose prescribed. b) Fluid volume consistent with guidelines – (+/- 20%) 80-120 mls/kg if not given fluid bolus for shock management or 56–120 mls per kg if fluid bolus for shock management is given.
   a) Fluid duration consistent with guidelines - 5–6 hours for patients ages 2–11 months and 2.5-3 hours in patients aged 12–59 months.
   b) Fluid therapy consistent with guidelines – correct choice of fluid, fluid volume and over the correct duration.