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Table 2 The nine-point Beighton hypermobility score[2, 8]

From: The relationship between joint mobility and motor performance in children with and without the diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder

The ability to: Right   Left
1. Passively dorsiflex the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint to ≥ 90° 1   1
2. Passively oppose the thumb to the volar aspect of the forearm 1   1
3. Passively hyperextend the elbow to ≥ 10° 1   1
4. Passively hyperextend the knee to ≥ 10°s 1   1
5. Actively place hands flat on the floor without bending the knees   1  
Total    9 points   
  1. One point may be gained for each side for manoeuvres 1–4 so that the hypermobility score will have a maximum of nine points if all are positive.