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Table 1 Case report of quetiapine abuse

From: Acute dyskinesia, myoclonus, and akathisa in an adolescent male abusing quetiapine via nasal insufflation: a case study

First author Year Patient demographics Description of quetiapine abuse Other relevant details
Fischer [1] 2010 53-year-old male Unknown amount, orally Alcohol abuse
Paparrigopoulos [2] 2008 48-year-old male 1000 mg/day orally Alcohol/benzodiazepine dependence
Murphy [3] 2008 29-year-old male Unknown amount, orally Feigned psychotic symptoms
Reeves [4] 2007 49-year-old male 800 mg/day orally Alcohol/benzodiazepine abuse
23-year-old male 2400 mg/day, orally Benzodiazepine dependence
39-year-old male 800 mg/day, orally Exaggerated bipolar symptoms
Pinta [5] 2007 39-year-old male 600 mg/day, orally Opiate abuse; demanded treatment with quetiapine
Morin [6] 2007 28-year-old female Unknown amount, insufflation Polysubstance abuse
Waters [7] 2007 33-year-old male 400-800 mg, intravenously Polysubstance dependence including benzodiazepines
Hussain [8] 2005 34-year-old female 600 mg, intravenously Polysubstance abuse, borderline personality disorder