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Table 3 Abnormalities after work with urine culture and ultrasound in children with two positive dipsticks

From: Epidemiological urinalysis of children from kindergartens of Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Case Sex Age 1st dipstick 2nd dipstick Urine culture Ultrasound
1 M 3 Nitrituria Nitrituria E. Coli Normal
2 F 5 Leucocyturia Leucocyturia Proteus Normal
3 M 4 Nitrituria Nitrituria Enterococcus faecalis Normal
4 M 5 Leucocyturia Leucocyturia E. Coli Normal
5 F 5 Nitrituria Leucocyturia Negative-coagulase staphylococcus Hydronephrosis
6 F 3 Nitrituria Nitrituria + Leucocyturia Negative Hydronephrosis
7 M 5 Nitrituria Leucocyturia Negative Duplication of ureter
8 M 4 Nitrituria Nitrituria Negative Hydronephrosis
9 F 4 Nitrituria Leucocyturia Negatvie Hydronephrosis