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Table 2 Overview of tests performed at different measurement moments

From: Optimising Ankle Foot Orthoses for children with Cerebral Palsy walking with excessive knee flexion to improve their mobility and participation; protocol of the AFO-CP study

   T0 T1k* T2kopt
Primary study parameters
Activities and participation ECWT x x x
Secondary study parameters
Body functions and structures 3D-gait analysis x x x
Activities and participation SAM*** x x x
  CAPE*** x   x
Effect modifiers
Body functions and structures Physical fitness test x   
Environmental and personal factors Physical examination** x   
  Gait pattern x   
  Intake questionnaire x   
  BSS x   
  FMS x x x
  FAQ x x x
  GMFCS x   
Other outcomes
  GAS x   x
  FRO properties x x x
  Motivation diary x x x
  @ monitor   x x
  Satisfaction x x x
  1. *T1k will be repeated for each FRO-configuration: rigid, stiff and flexible.
  2. ** The physical examination includes passive Range of Motion, selective motor control and gross motor function tests.
  3. ***SAM and CAPE data will be assessed in the week prior to the ticked measurement moment.
  4. BSS=’Bronnen van Steun en Spanning’; CAPE=Children’s Assessment of Participation and Enjoyment; ECWT=Energy Cost of Walking Test; FAQ=Functional Assessment Questionnaire; FMS=Functional Mobility Scale; FRO=Floor Reaction Orthosis; GAS=Goal Attainment Scaling; GMFCS=Gross Motor Function Classification System; SAM=StepWatch3TM Activity Monitor.