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Table 1 Measures and time points in CATS

From: Study protocol: the Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study (CATS)

Construct Measures Source Wave (Age of participants in years)
  1 (8–9) 2 (9–10) 3 (10–11) 4 (11–12)
Pubertal development PDS Parent   
SMS Child   
DHEA Child    
DHEA-S Child    
Testosterone Child    
Mental health & behaviour problems SDQ Parent
SMFQ Child
SCAS Child
ADHD Rating Scale IV Parent
CDRS Parent
PedsQL General Wellbeing Scale Child
KEDS Body Image Silhouettes Child
Substance use Child
Peer & family relationships GBQ Child
Family relationships Child
Physical health, nutrition & other problems Functional somatic symptoms Child
Dietary Screening Tool Parent   
Child sleep habits Parent
Media engagement Child
Physical activity Parent   
Anthropometry Height Child
Weight Child
Waist circumference Child
Academic achievement NAPLAN Data provided by VCAA    
Global ratings of English and Maths Teacher
Prenatal & postnatal factors Questions assessing birth weight, gestational age, medication, substance use, and major medical conditions during pregnancy, mode of delivery, intensive care following birth, postnatal depression and breastfeeding Parent    
Parent mental health PHQ-2 Parent
Demographics Questions include family composition, parental education and age, annual household income, language spoken at home, ethnicity and adoption Parent