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Table 1 Outline of study procedures and data collected

From: The development of chronic cough in children following presentation to a tertiary paediatric emergency department with acute respiratory illness: study protocol for a prospective cohort study

  Day 0 Day 7 Day 14 Day 21 Day 28 Specialist review
Screening X      
Assess eligibility criteria X      
Informed consent X      
Demographic data X      
Epidemiological data X      
Risk factor data X      
Cough score, type and persistence data X X X X X X
Healthcare utilisation data X X X X X X
Medication use data X X X X X X
Parent and child absenteeism X X X X X X
Nasal swab X      X
Clinical treatment data X      X
Clinical investigations X      X
Specialist review management plan       X
Specialist review outcomes       X