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Table 1 Primers used in multiplex PCR

From: One third of middle ear effusions from children undergoing tympanostomy tube placement had multiple bacterial pathogens

 Primer Name Nucleotide Sequence Predicted Amplicon Sizea
H. influenzae FWD 5′-CGTATTATCGGAAGATGAAAGTGC-3′ 525 base pairs
S. pneumoniae FWD 5′-AAGGTGCACTTGCATCACTACC-3′ 484 base pairs
A. otitidis FWD 5′-GGGGAAGAACACGGATAGGA-3′ 264 base pairs
M. catarrhalis FWD 5′-CCCATAAGCCCTGACGTTAC-3′ 237 base pairs
  1. aWhen the designated FWD primer is used in conjunction with the Universal REV primer.