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Table 3 Intra-class correlations for the interrater reliability of SPARK-domains

From: Validity and reliability of a structured interview for early detection and risk assessment of parenting and developmental problems in young children: a cross-sectional study

Domain ICC
infancy review 0,953
somatic health 0,834
motor development 0,929
language-, speech- and cognitive development 0,877
language use of parents (second language, mother tongue) 0,801
emotional development 0,772
contact between child and others(both children and adults) 0,735
child behavior 0,899
parenting approach 0,618
developmental stimulation and early/preschool education 0,922
how the child spends its time 0,943
living environment in and outside the home 0,931
social contacts and informal support 0,908
day-care for the child 1,000
concerns communicated by others 0,763
family issues 0,857
overall risk assessment 0,925