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Table 2 Implications of results for parenting interventions to increase PA in children

From: Parents’ views on child physical activity and their implications for physical activity parenting interventions: a qualitative study

Key components to be addressed within a parenting PA intervention Desired outcome Intervention content to achieve outcome
Improving parents’ awareness of child’s PA levels • Improving understanding of the PA recommendations • PA recommendations for children
• What are the benefits of PA?
• Increasing parents’ perceived need for more PA • What is PA and what counts?
• Tools to monitor PA
• Overcoming barriers to PA and increasing opportunities to be active • Providing parents with ideas and skills for motivating their children to engage in PA • Providing local activity directory
• Trouble-shooting common barriers such as cost/lack of provision/weather • Supporting active travel and lifestyle activity
• Providing parents with skills to deal with conflict around PA to avoid negative associations with PA • Generating ideas for low-cost/free, and wet weather games and activities
• Discussion around how modern living and today’s culture affects PA and sedentary behaviour
• Balancing boundaries and autonomy with risk and safety
• Scheduling and planning activities
• Managing conflict around PA (parenting skills including giving choice, setting boundaries, positive discipline and praise)
Helping parents’ to support children’s intrinsic motivation to be active • Supporting the development of children’s physical skills and confidence to be active • How parents can practically support their child’s PA development (e.g. game modification)
• Developing children’s self confidence and independence • Importance of physical skills development
• Supporting parents’ confidence and competence in supporting their child’s PA • Developmental stages for physical skills for children and having appropriate expectations
• Encouraging activity and supporting fun and enjoyment • Using praise and positive discipline
• How can parents emotionally support their child’s PA confidence, independence and autonomy)
• Making activities fun
• Generating ideas for family activities