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Table 1 Characteristics of the mothers

From: High DMBT1 concentrations in breast milk correlate with increased risk of infection in preterm and term neonates

Maternal age (years; mean and range) 30.2 (21-39)
Number of pregnancies (mean and range) 2 (1-6)
Parity number (mean and range) 1.5 (1-6)
Mothers with abortion(s) (n) 10
Mothers with pre-eclampsia (n) 1
Mothers with HELLP syndrome (n) 3
Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (n) 1
Maternal infection (n) 9
Antenatal steroids (yes/no) 13/17
Rupture of membranes (in hours prior delivery, mean and range) 2.9 (0-22)
Mode of delivery (vaginal delivery/cesarean section) 7/23