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Table 4 Examples of statements on what students thought of the exposure NIKE ad*

From: Children and youth perceive smoking messages in an unbranded advertisement from a NIKE marketing campaign: a cluster randomised controlled trial

Quote Grade
First impression of image  
"It makes me think of a cigarette commercial that is trying to influence young teens/adults to smoke." 7
"I saw the cigarette as the pole and I knew it meant smoking." 7
"It's about smoking and that smoking should be your goal." 8
"This ad first reminds me of cigarettes and smoking." 10
Meaning of LIGHT IT UP  
"I've heard that expression for lighting a cigarette." 7
"They're trying to use hockey as an image of fun, then they use a cigarette in the hockey net, then they add LIGHT IT UP. Therefore, they want you to start smoking." 8
"To light up your cigarette." 9
"It can either mean to light up a cigarette or drug and then you'll become successful or it can mean give the game all you got." 10
"I think about opening a lighter." 11
Meaning of FOLLOW ME  
"To smoke because your friends are doing it and if they offer you, say yes." 8
"FOLLOW ME would be 'drawing in' teens to smoke. The sign to me encourages young teens to start and develop a smoking habit, portraying it as a good thing." 10
"Follow the person smoking." 11
Appearance of FOLLOW ME  
"There is smoke within the black lettering." 7
"It looks like smoke." 9
Appearance of Centre pole of hockey net  
"It looks like a cigarette only without the orange thing at the butt of the cigarette." 8
"The centre pole really looks like a cigarette or drugs." 11
Appearance of Outermost edges of image  
"I see little cigarettes that look like they're already lit up." 7
"I can see cigarettes on all of the sides in a faded looking way." (*Student also drew a picture) 9
"Cigarette filters." 11
Product being promoted  
"It is promoting for sure 'cigarettes'." 7
"People are advertising smoking." 8
"Obviously cigarettes." 9
"Smoking, buying cigarettes, getting addicted so the company can continue making money." 9
"Promoting the use of cigarettes or other things you can smoke." 10
"Cigarettes through sports. A lot of people watch hockey and even though we're not aware of it our brain picks up on the message it's sending." 11
"Easy, it's smoking, disguised as a hockey ad. You know, get all the cool athletes to smoke so it looks cool to the younger kids." 11
Type of company that made the ad  
"Export (I think that's a cigarette brand)." 7
"A cigarette company, a drug company." 8
"An illegal company or a cigarette company." 9
"Any cigarette company, people that benefit from cigarette production." 10
"Du Maurier, Peter Jackson, cigarette companies." 11
  1. * Quotes are mutually exclusive (i.e., no student appears more than once in the list).