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Table 1 Summary Points

From: Storytelling as a communication tool for health consumers: development of an intervention for parents of children with croup. Stories to communicate health information

What is already known on this topic:
   *There has been investigation into the use of narrative and stories as a tool to communicate health information to consumers.
   *There are few reports describing the development of narrative or story-based interventions including focus groups involving the end-user group.
What this study adds:
   *We followed a systematic process to develop a story-based intervention for parents attending the emergency department for the care of children with an acute, self-limiting condition.
   *The parent focus groups provided rich feedback and allowed us to shape our products to ensure accuracy, credibility, and relevance to the end-user.
   *Our experience highlights many considerations for future development work in this area, and more broadly for patient education materials, including clear identification of the purpose and goals of the end-product at the outset and involvement of the end-user group throughout to identify needs and preferences.