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Table 4 Information needs of children with leukemia

From: Information needs of children with leukemia and their parents’ perspectives of their information needs: a qualitative study

Themes Sub-themes Codes
Beginning to cope Why tell Anxiety due to lack of information
Unconvinced without information
Need to understand the disease
Need to understand the reason for hospitalization
When to tell Need to communicate at the beginning
Need to communicate with emotional leeway
Need to communicate with time leeway
How to tell Use suitable amount of information
Need to communicate with the most appropriate person
Use communication tools with pictures and stories
Avoiding disclosure – protecting child Too complicated Avoid incomprehensible information to children
Too upsetting Avoid the word “cancer”
Avoid saying a life-threatening condition
Informational support Making sense of it all Information about the disease
Information about treatment
Information about hospitalization
Information about infection prevention measures
Information about side effects
‘Upside’ of leukemia Benefits of hospitalization
Treatment outcomes
Family support