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Table 1  Variables from medical record

From: Adolescent suicide assessment and management in primary care

Variable Label Description Response Scale
Basic Visit Information
 Sex Sex of the patient Numeric score
 Age at incident visit Provider reported the age of the patient at the visit Free Response
 Race Provider reported the race of the patient at the visit Free Response
Suicidal Ideation/Attempts & Self-Harm
 Active suicide ideation Provider reported if patient had active suicidal ideation Yes/No
 Past suicide ideation Provider reported if patient had a history of suicidal ideation Yes/No
 Past suicide attempt(s) Provider reported if patient had past suicide attempt(s) Yes/No
 Suicide attempt history Provider reported details regarding patient’s past suicide attempt(s) Free Response
 Weapons Provider reported asking if patient had any weapons at home Yes/No
 Safety plan Provider reported asking patient about safety plan Yes/No
Behavioral Health
 Mental health referral Provider referred patient to outpatient mental health services Numeric score
 Co-morbid diagnoses Behavioral health-related diagnoses listed by the provider Free Response
 Hospitalizationsa Provider reported if patient had been in an inpatient psychiatric setting since previous visit Numeric score
 Visit engagementa Provider reported if patient has attended behavioral health visits Numeric score
Psychiatric Medication
 Psychiatric medications Provider reported starting patient on psychiatric medication Yes/No
 Psychiatric medication list List of psychiatric medications prescribed to patient Free response
 Psychiatric medication continuitya Provider reported if patient continued to take prescribed psych meds Numeric score
  1. aCoded only at follow-up visit