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Table 1 Topics covered in HIIT Co-design

From: Making a HIIT: study protocol for assessing the feasibility and effects of co-designing high-intensity interval training workouts with students and teachers

Problem Identification • Students brainstorm their barriers and facilitators to exercise
• Students group their barriers and facilitators into main themes visually with sticky notes
• Collectively, students, teachers, and researchers, use the barriers and facilitators to create evaluation criteria that can be used to design and evaluate HIIT workouts
Upskilling • In groups, students discuss what they already know about HIIT
• Students explore their heart rate using monitors and Polar GoFit software that shows intensity levels in different colours
• Students partake in several HIIT workouts, reflect on their heart rate, and rate the workouts using their class criteria
HIIT Design • Collectively decide, with students, teachers, and researchers, the percentage of heart rate maximum to be classified as high-intensity, and the minimum and maximum interval lengths prior to starting the workout design (HIIT parameters)
• In groups, students identify potential themes for HIIT workouts and exercises that fit the theme
• In groups, students create HIIT workouts that meet both the HIIT parameters and their evaluation criteria
HIIT Piloting • Each group presents their workout to the class with the aid of the teacher and researchers
• Students provide feedback on other groups’ HIIT workouts based on their evaluation criteria, and teachers and researchers to provide one or two comments
• Heart rate for each pilot is recorded
HIIT Modification • Each group modifies their workouts based on 1) their own reflection of their pilot; 2) feedback from the other students, researchers, and teachers; and 3) the heart rate summary data from their pilot