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Table 2 Summary of the quality evaluation regarding seven criteria for the two groups of studies evaluating the outcomes referral rate and/or loss to follow-up rate from screening step 1

From: Protocol and programme factors associated with referral and loss to follow-up from newborn hearing screening: a systematic review

Quality evaluation criteria Percent of studies fulfilling criteria
Referral rate Loss to follow-up rate
The community was described from which all infants were drawn. 95% 93%
The sample size was 1000 or more for each group described. 44% 60%
The coverage rate was described and was ≥95%, as recommended by the Joint Committee of Infant Hearing. 16% 30%
The infants included were described with respect to risk factors, NICU admission, well babies, all babies born, etc. 96% 95%
The screening protocol was described and included at least four of the five following factors: infant age at screening, test method, number of screens performed in screening step 1, the test device, and referral criteria (If not automatic) including one or both ears. 72% 58%
The method for collecting data was described (e.g., paper records, centralized database, etc). 44% 53%
The criteria for determining loss to follow-up (or nonattendance) was described. Not relevant 35%