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Table 5 Quality of life ATT scores of children with congenital heart disease who received traditional surgery and minimally invasive surgery reported by parents on their behalf after propensity score matching

From: Effects of minimally invasive and traditional surgeries on the quality of life of children with congenital heart disease: a retrospective propensity score-matched study

Item ATT P
Log (mean) 95% CI
Problems related to cardiac symptoms and their treatment 0.0298 −0.0058-0.0655 0.1009
Drug treatment problems 0.0489 −0.0318-0.1298 0.2334
Problems related to perceived physical appearance 0.1305 0.0412–0.2198 0.0043
Problems related to anxiety about treatment 0.0478 −0.0132-0.1089 0.1243
Problems related to cognitive psychology 0.0095 −0.0618-0.0810 0.7924
Problems related to communication 0.0562 −0.1513-0.2639 0.5939
  1. ATT average treatment effect, P < 0.05 suggesting statistical significance