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Table 5 CECSS and p-CECSS-S items by dimension

From: Translation, adaptation and testing of an emergency care satisfaction scale in Swedish pediatric emergency departments

Item number Items Dimension CECSS (p-CECSS-S)
1 The nurse performed his/her duties with skill. Caring (Caring)
2 The nurse seemed to know something about my illness/problem. Caring (Clinical competence)
3 The nurse knew what treatment I needed. Caring (Clinical competence)
4 The nurse gave me instructions about caring for myself at home. Teaching (Teaching)
5 The nurse should have been more attentive than he/she was. Negatively worded (Negatively worded)
6 The nurse told me what problems to watch for. Teaching (Teaching)
7 The nurse told me what to expect at home. Teaching (Teaching)
8 The nurse explained all procedures before they were done. Caring (Caring)
9 The nurse seemed too busy at the nurses station to spend time talking with me. Negatively worded (Negatively worded)
10 The nurse explained things in terms I could understand. Caring (Caring)
11 The nurse was understanding when listening to my problem. Caring (Caring)
12 The nurse seemed genuinely concerned about my pain, fear, and anxiety. Caring (Caring)
13 The nurse was as gentle as he/she could be when performing painful procedures. Caring (Caring)
14 The nurse treated me as a number instead of as a person. Negatively worded (Negatively worded)
15 The nurse seemed to understand how I felt. Caring (Caring)
16 The nurse gave me a chance to ask questions. Caring (Caring)
17 The nurse was not very friendly. Negatively worded (Negatively worded)
18 The nurse appeared to take time to meet my needs. Caring (Caring)
19 The nurse made sure that all my questions were answered. Caring (Caring)