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Table 1 Factor Retrieval and Categorization Processa

From: Cultural variation in factors associated with sudden infant death during sleep

Steps Process Example 1 Example 2
Identification of the actual wording Extraction of key words, themes, or concepts regarding SUDI-related factors from each article Brainstem gliosis, hypoplasia of the hypoglossus nucleus, hypodevelopment of the arcuate nucleus, etc. Car seat, sofa, couch, ondol, swing, etc.
Aggregation of factors Semantic analysis and merging synonyms by meanings and commonality regarding SUDI Brainstem problems Event place
Categorization of factors Combination of the factors into scopes and TRM according to their nature and impact on SUDI Scopes Abnormality, dysfunctionality Circumstantial factors
TRM TRM 1: Vulnerability of the infant TRM 2: Exogenous stressors
  1. aAdditional examples in Table 6