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Table 1 Differences in feeding protocols between cohorts

From: Enteral feeding advancement and growth until 5 years in extremely preterm infants

  Cohort 1 Cohort 2
Start of enteral feeds within 4 h of birth 10–15 ml/kg/d 20 ml/kg/d
Increase in daily enteral feeding volume 15–20 ml/kg/day 25–30 ml/kg/day
Cut-off for of gastric residual volume considered “normal”
(in infants with unremarkable abdominal clinical status)
1–2 ml/kg < 4 ml/kg
Start of breast milk fortification (FM85, Nestle, Frankfurt) at enteral feeding intake ≥150 ml/kg/d ≥100 ml/kg/d
Parenteral protein administration (day1) 2.5 g/kg/day 3.0 g/kg/d