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Table. 2 Orientation Questions

From: Waitlist management in a pediatric weight management clinic: implementing an orientation session

Topic Question Educational Highlights
Sleep a) True or False: 8 h is the perfect amount of sleep for every child. • Sleep hygiene
• Sleep needs vary by age
Fruit and Vegetable Intake b) It’s recommended that we eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every _____. • Don’t be fooled by packaging
• Fruits and vegetables come in many forms, including frozen (costs, convenience)
Electronic Screen Time c) It is recommended that children have no more than _____ hour(s) of non-school related screen time each day. • Sedentary time hinders physical activity
• Exposure to advertisements can be problematic
Exercise d) Josefina and Hector are twins. Josefina likes to go for an hour-long jog everyday with her mom. Hector has gym class every morning for 30 min and he likes to ride bikes with his friends after school for about 30 min. Which twin is meeting the daily exercise recommendation? • Exercise is incremental
• Vigorous PA is characterized by increased heart rate, breath rate, and sweating
Sugary Drink Intake e) How many sugary drinks should we have each day? • Many beverages contain sugar, even juices
• Increase intake of water
  1. Answers: (a) false; (b) day; (c) one; (d) both; (e) zero