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Table 1 Strategies and activities used in educational intervention program

From: Assessing the impact of an educational intervention program based on the theory of planned behavior on the nutritional behaviors of adolescents and young adults with PCOS in Iran: a field trial study

Construct Strategy Activity
Attitude 1-Strengthen the process of valuing and prioritizing healthy lifestyles and healthy nutritional behaviors (focus on the emotional component of attitude)
2-Convincing towards healthy lifestyle and nutritional behavior (strengthening cognitive attitude)
3-Clarify the main function of healthy nutritional behavior and the positive consequences of healthy nutritional behavior in improving PCOS
4-Group discussion
5-Share ideas
1-Provide comprehensive, accurate, evidence-based and realistic information about healthy nutrition and improving PCOS
2-Group discussion on the crucial role of weight loss and healthy nutritional behavior in improving PCOS
3-Group discussion on the problems and barriers to healthy nutrition in adolescents and young adults with PCOS
Subjective norms 1-Awareness of subjective norms
2-Role playing
3-Peer participation by presenting experiences and discussing each other's experiences
4-Feedback and encouragement to each other
1-Analysis of subjective norms
2-Discuss the role of important people (mothers, friends, and peers) about healthy nutritional behaviors
3-Discuss and provide solutions for forming affirmative group norms
Perceived behavioral control 1-Increased confidence on the feasibility of healthy nutritional behavior, reducing the barriers and complexities of healthy nutritional behavior
2-Overcoming the difficulties of performing the action
1-Discuss ways to overcome barriers to healthy nutritional behavior
2-Discuss the facilitators of healthy nutritional behavior, identify and reinforce them
3-Practice and implement healthy nutritional behaviors step by step
4-Provide opportunities to report direct experiences about healthy nutritional behaviors and provide verbal encouragement
Behavioral intention 1-Identify people's desires for healthy nutritional behaviors
2-Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of healthy nutritional behavior
3-Group decision and public commitment
1-Discuss and comment on the tendency of adolescents and young adults with PCOS to adopt healthy nutritional behaviors
2-Discussion to recall the short-term and long-term benefits of healthy nutritional behavior
3-Discussion to form a commitment and group decision