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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of biochemical detection index (n = 4), median (IQR)

From: Two novel mutations in TCIRG1 induced infantile malignant osteopetrosis: a case report

Parameters Measured values Normal range
Calcium, median (IQR), mmol/L 1.42 (1.27–1.93)b 2.24–2.74
Albumin, median (IQR), g/L 36.30 (31.13–44.78)b 40–55
α-Amylase, median (IQR), U/L 14.50 (9.75–21.50)b 35–135
Globulin, median (IQR), g/L 14.50 (13.20–20.30)b 20–40
Creatinine, median (IQR), μmol/L 8.50 (6.50–9.75)b 18–97
Total serum protein, median (IQR), g/L 55.00 (45.13–60.08)b 65–85
Urine calcium, mmol/ L 0.2b
25 hydroxyvitamin D, nmol/L 70.20 50–150
Lactic dehydrogenase, median (IQR), U/L 591.50 (425.00–665.00)a 159–322
α-Hydroxybutyric dehydrogenase, median (IQR), U/L 497.50 (354.30–583.80)a 239–288
Creatine kinase isoenzyme, median (IQR), U/L 50.00 (32.50–66.75)a 0–37
Parathyroid hormone, pmol/L 21.3a 1.2–7.1
Phosphorus, mmol/L 1.99a 1.29–1.94
Total alkaline phosphatase, U/L 534a 118–390
Alkaline phosphatase, median (IQR), U/L 448.50 (335.80–775.00)a 118–390
Bone alkaline phosphatase, U/L 250a 0–200
  1. The table shows the statistically significant differences between measurement results and normal range (p < 0.05). a The values are higher than normal range. b The values are lower than normal range