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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of blood diagnostics (n = 13), median (IQR)

From: Two novel mutations in TCIRG1 induced infantile malignant osteopetrosis: a case report

Parameters Measured values Normal range
Absolute number of white blood cell, median (IQR), 109/L 18.40 (15.40–21.95)a 5–12
Absolute number of lymphocytes, median (IQR), 109/L 10.40 (9.35–12.47)a 1.55–4.8
Percentage of lymphocytes, median (IQR), (%) 57.00 (52.00–66.50)a 31–40
Percentage of neutrophil, median (IQR), (%) 26.00 (20.00–35.50)b 40–60
Absolute number of red blood cell, median (IQR), 1012/L 3.54 (3.35–4.42)b 4–4.5
Hematocrit, median (IQR), (%) 32.80 (28.80–38.00)b 40–50
Hemoglobin, median (IQR), g/l 91.00 (86.50–114.50)b 105–145
Mean hemoglobin amount, median (IQR), pg 25.70 (24.90–26.30)b 27–34
Mean hemoglobin concentration, median (IQR), g/l 306.00 (282.50–315.00)b 316–354
Platelet distribution width, median (IQR), (%) 11.60 (10.80–13.05)b 14.8–17.2
  1. The table shows the statistically significant differences between measurement results and normal range (p < 0.05). a The values are higher than normal range. b The values are lower than normal range