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Table 5 Possible Patient reported experience measure (PREM) to capture the most important quality domains as found in this study

From: Parents’ and carers’ impression of “quality” within a Paediatric Emergency Department

Parent/Carer Quality Assurance Domain PREM
  Likert Rating Scale questions (Score 0–9)
Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
Thorough and optimum medical assessment “The medical care my child received was thorough and to a high standard”
Treating the sicker kids first “Sicker children and those needing urgent care receive it first”
Experienced and knowledgeable staff & Specialised nurses and doctors for children “The staff were experienced, knowledgeable, and had the skill required to care for children”
  Binary Questions
Resources and equipment availability “Was there enough resources and equipment available in the Emergency Department to provide care?”
Yes □ No □
Clear follow up plans and reviews that are communicated and scheduled (Including ED, GP and Outpatients) “Were clear follow-up plans made and review scheduled if needed?”
Yes □ No □