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Table 1 Included manuscripts for revision

From: Screening of iron deficiency anaemia in early childhood

Sources Final selected manuscripts
WHO • Iron deficiency anaemia. Assessment, prevention and control. A guide for managers. 2001 [3]
• Assessing the iron status of populations; 2007 [6]
USPSTF • Siu 2015 – Recommendations [7]
• McDonagh 2015 – Evidence support and systematic review [8], with update literature review in 2018 [2]. Full systematic review is also available [9].
PrevInfad • 2011 recommendations and supporting evidence [1]
CDC • MMWR 1998 – Recommendations to prevent and control iron deficiency in the United States [10]
NICE • None
UK NSC • 2017 recommendations [11]
• Screening for iron deficiency anaemia in children under 5 years. External review against programme appraisal criteria for the UK National Screening Committee 2017 [4]
• Reply from the UK NSC public consultation (basis for the final recommendations) [12]
AAP • 2010 recommendations [13]
Cochrane Library • Wang 2013 - Iron therapy for improving psychomotor development and cognitive function in children under the age of three with iron deficiency anaemia (Review) [14]
  1. Abbreviations: AAP: American Academy of Pediatrics; CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; NICE: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence; PrevInfad: PrevInfad workgroup from the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics; UK NSC: UK National Screening Committee; USPSTF: US Preventive Services Task Force; WHO: World Health Organization