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Table 7 Factors considered ‘Very Important’ & ‘Important’ in choosing a neurologist / pediatric neurologist for referral (2019 Survey)

From: Awareness screening and referral patterns among pediatricians in the United States related to early clinical features of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

Factors Considered when Choosing a Neurologist /Pediatric Neurologist % Respondents
1 Appointment wait time (i.e., wait time is the number of days between referral order and specialist appointment date) 86.7%
2 Specialist’s previous experience treating a suspected condition 83.5%
3 Insurance coverage 80.7%
4 Quality of communication with the specialist (i.e., receive reports about my patients, calls, etc.) 76.8%
5 Specialists’ reputation in his / her field, when known 75.8%