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Table 3 WHO criteria for severe pneumonia

From: Impact of systematic early tuberculosis detection using Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra in children with severe pneumonia in high tuberculosis burden countries (TB-Speed pneumonia): a stepped wedge cluster randomized trial

MANDATORY PLUS ≥ 1 of the following
Cough OR difficulty in breathing Peripheral oxygen saturation < 90%
Central cyanosis
Severe respiratory distress Grunting
Nasal flaring
Very severe chest indrawing
Signs of pneumonia (tachypnea OR chest indrawing) AND at least one danger signs (a to f) (a) Inability to breastfeed or drink
(b) Persistent vomiting
(c) Lethargy or reduced level of consciousness
(d) Convulsions
(e) Stridor in calm child
(f) Severe malnutrition