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Table 3 Study schedule

From: The facial nerve palsy and cortisone evaluation (FACE) study in children: protocol for a randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter trial, in a Borrelia burgdorferi endemic area

  Baseline/Inclusion Telephone call 1 week
± 3 days
Telephone call 2 weeks
± 3 days
Visit 1 month
± 5 days
Visit 12 months
± 2 weeks
Written informed consent X     
Inclusion /Exclusion criteria X     
Allocation of code number X     
Medical history X     
Demographics X     
Weight/length/BMI X     
Physical examination X     
NeBoP score X     
House-Brackmann grading scale (HBGS) X    X X
Sunnybrook grading system (SFGS) X    X X
Concomitant medication X    X X
Initiation of study treatment X     
Compliance with study drug   X X   
Reporting of Adverse Events (AE)   X X X X
Return of bottles of study drug     X  
Facial disability index (FDI)     X X
Facial Clinimetric Evaluation (FaCE) Scale     X X
Synkinesis Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)      X