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Table 2 Literature regarding uncontrolled seizures and/or pulmonary manifestations induced by ingestion of pyrethroids, by first author

From: Severe dyspnea and uncontrolled seizures following meperfluthrin poisoning: a case report

First author, year[Ref.] Region Age Gender Pyrethroids Dose(mg) Symptoms Chest X-ray/CT neuroimaging treatment prognosis
Jisa George, 2015 [8] India 30 years Female Prallethrin Unknown quantity Shortness of breath, chest pain, acute respiratory distress syndrome X-ray and CT of chest showed widespread confluent areas of consolidation with interlobular septal thickening Not mentioned Broad spectrum antibiotics, steroid therapy Recovery after 21 days
A. Giampreti, 2013 [9] Italy 19 months Female A mixture of bifenthrin and esbiothrin Unknown quantity Progressive drowsiness, recurrent tonic–clonic seizures Not mentioned No abnormalities No response to midazolam but thiopental sodium was effective, mechanical ventilation Recovery after 12 days
Kiran Lata Shringi, 2015 [10] India 25 years Female Transfluthrin 792 Altered sensorium, generalized tonic-clonic convulsions No abnormalities No abnormalities No response to phenytoin and diazepam but a combination of midazolam, propofol and phenobarbitone elicited a response, mechanical ventilation, antibiotics Recovery after 7 days
Supradip Ghosh, 2009 [11] India 24 years Female Deltamethrin Unknown quantity Generalized tonic-clonic seizures No abnormalities Not mentioned No response to laurazepam and phenytoin but a combination of midazolam and thiopentone sodium was effective, mechanical ventilation Recovery after 5 days
Present study China 16 months Male Meperfluthrin 240 Shortness of breath, serious dyspnea, cyanosis, tonic-clonic convulsions X-ray and CT of chest showed multiple patchy high-density shadows in the lungs bilaterally. No abnormalities No response to 10% chloral hydrate, midazolam and phenobarbital but propofol was effective, broad spectrum antibiotics, mechanical ventilation Recovery after 30 days