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Table 4 Validity: numbers and percentages of children with elevated Psycat scores and Spearman correlations for Psycat scores and CBCL scores (n = 181)

From: Computerized adaptive testing to screen children for emotional and behavioral problems by preventive child healthcare

Psycat scalesElevated Psycat scoresCBCL
N (%)TotalExternalizingInternalizingHyperactivity
Total75 (16.3)0.72*0.59*0.55*0.66*
Externalizing81 (17.6)0.54*0.63*0.34*0.43*
Internalizing66 (14.3)0.50*0.30*0.59*0.31*
Hyperactivity90 (19.5)0.39*0.32*0.16*0.65*
  1. *P < 0.01