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Table 3 Applicability: satisfaction of PCH professionals’ with the Psycat (n = 16)

From: Computerized adaptive testing to screen children for emotional and behavioral problems by preventive child healthcare

 (totally) agree/total n(%)
 saves time, because scoring is done automatically13/1586.7
 identifies ‘real’ EBP in children12/1580.0
 fails to identify some children with EBP2/1216.7
 classifies some children as problematic who do not actually have EBP5/1338.5
 can be used as a conversation guide to talk with parents about children’s EBP15/15100
 helps to establish a good picture of a child’s emotional and behavioral health15/1693.8
 is easy to use13/1492.9
 is pleasant to use12/1392.3
 is meaningful to use14/14100
 is pleasant to complete for parents6/785.7
 is clear for parents4/850.0
 How do you rate the Psycat on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 10 (very good)? (mean, sd)6.4 (1.3) 
  1. aAnswer options: “totally disagree”, “disagree”, “agree” and “totally agree”