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Table 2 Applicability: Satisfaction of parent with the Psycat (n = 361)

From: Computerized adaptive testing to screen children for emotional and behavioral problems by preventive child healthcare

 n (%)
1. Time to complete Psycat 
 (Too) long9 (2.5)
 Good352 (97.5)
2. Clarity of the Psycat questions
 (Completely) clear354 (98.1)
 (Completely) unclear7 (1.9)
3. Pleasant to answer questions by computer
 (Totally) positive319 (88.4)
 (Totally) negative42 (11.6)
4. Applicability of Psycat questions about parental concerns
 No concerns259 (71.7)
 Concerns, applicable72 (19.9)
 Concerns, not applicable30 (8.3)
5. Applicability of Psycat questions about child EBP
 No child EBP224 (62.0)
 EBP, applicable98 (27.1)
 EBP, not applicable39 (10.8)
  1. Due to rounding off, not all column percentages add up to 100%
  2. Answer options: question 1 “Too long”, “long”, “good”; question 2 “Completely clear”, “clear”, “unclear”, “completely unclear”; question 3 “Totally positive”, “positive”, “negative”, “totally negative”; questions 4 and 5 “totally applicable”, “applicable”, “not applicable”, “totally not applicable”