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Table 5 Super-ordinate categories and their sub themes

From: The lived experience of chronic pain and dyskinesia in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy

Super-ordinate categorySub-theme
Lives embedded with dyskinesiaLacking control
Negative emotional responses towards living with CP and dyskinesia
Normalization of dyskinesia within everyday lives
Physical challenges of living with dyskinesia
Self-reflecting to identify dyskinesia triggers
Still learning strategies to manage their pain and dyskinesiaSelf-adopting or learning strategies from parents
Seeking out ‘child friendly’ treatment strategies
Problem solving pain
Seeking comfort amongst family
Exerting control over their environment
The real world challenges of living with chronic painPain a usual part of life
Negative emotional responses towards living with chronic pain
Feelings of social isolation
All-encompassing nature of severe pain
Pushing through pain
Hoping for a solution
The way pain really feels
Trust in caregivers