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Table 3 Baseline demographics for interviews

From: The lived experience of chronic pain and dyskinesia in children and adolescents with cerebral palsy

ChildAge (yrs)SchoolingMotor type (mixed or dyskinetic)Communication MethodsChild’s capability & disabilityPrevious bony hip or spinal surgery (Y or N)
Gross Motor Function Classification System (I-V)Communication Function Classification System (I-V)Manual Ability Classification System (I-V)
A13–16Special schoolMixedHead nodding yes/no, hand gestures, finger pointing deviceVIIIIIY
B13–16Special SchoolDyskineticVerbal yes/no, head switching using DynavoxVIIIVN
D13–16Mix of special and mainstreamDyskineticVisual scanning using PODD book and Yes/No cardVIIIVN
H9–12MainstreamDyskineticVisual scanning using PODD bookVIIIVY
  1. PODD Pragmatic organizational dynamic display communication book, Tobii Dynavox Ltd. (Danderyd, Sweden)