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Table 1 Household water sanitation and handwashing practices and mean z-score for underweight, stunting and wasting among under-five children (n = 2352)

From: Water, sanitation and hygiene practices associated with improved height-for-age, weight-for-height and weight-for-age z-scores among under-five children in Nepal


Number (%)

Proportion of household with improved toilet, water purification practices and availability of soap and water

 Household with improved sanitation


 Cluster sanitation coverage percentage [SD]

75.3 [32]

 Household with practice of water purification

430 (18.3%)

 Household with soap and water available

882 (37.5%)

Nutritional Outcome Indicators

Mean [SD]

 z-score for height-for-age

−1.52 [1.3]

 z-score for weight-for-height

− 0.65 [1.1]

 z-score for weight-for-age

−1.33 [1.1]